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Exactly What Is It You Do?

Recently I had the pleasure of mingling with a diverse group of individuals who knew nothing of the operations of parks or recreation. When ask what I did for a living I responded Executive Director of the Princeton Park District. The response surprised me "Is that a full-time job?" That question first infuriated me and then I realized this person must not make good use of their local park district or they don't have a clue what it takes to operate a park district.

So I responded with a question, and ask if they would ask the same question of a CEO of a small company that has a $3,000,000 a year operational budget. Of course the response was no. I then explained we maintain 200 acres that contains 4 parks and 2 nature preserves; an indoor and outdoor swimming pool; 2 ponds; 9-hole disc golf course; skate park; 8-field soccer complex; 52,000 square foot recreation facility; 6 ball fields; multi-purpose outdoor sport court for tennis, basketball, and hockey.

And then there are the buildings. Besides the recreation facility we have 4 maintenance sheds; 5 restroom facilities; 2 concession stands; a log cabin; and a bath house. We must also maintain roads leading to the parks; parking lots and a 1.75 mile walking/jogging/biking path. At which point I started in with the importance of a quality park district to your community. Right about then, I could see the individual really wanting to get away from me and warn the other guests not to ask me what I do for a living.

I never even got the chance to tell them we employee 11 full-time employees and during the summer months create as many as 110 part-time jobs in our community. I know people may not always understand what we do, but I do hope they appreciate what we provide for our community and know we work hard to address the needs of our residents.

So it made me think. In my 18 years at the park district I can never remember a time when we thanked YOU, our community for your commitment. For 65 years you have supported our efforts of maintenance and expansion of our park district. We certainly could not have done it without YOU! So from the Princeton Park District Board of Directors and staff, Thank You Princeton and surround communities for your ongoing support.

Elaine Russell, Executive Director
Princeton Park District/Bureau County Metro Center

Mission Statement

It shall be the mission of the Princeton Park District/Bureau County Metro Center to maintain and develop a creative, effective and responsive park, recreation, and nature resource system that provides quality leisure opportunities for the benefit of its present and future citizens; contributes to the mental and physical well-being of individuals and families; protects and enhances the aesthetics of our neighborhoods as well as the social and economic health of our community.

*Througout this site you will see that most of our programs and classes will list three prices. The first being BCMC member fee, the second being the non-member resident fee and the third being the non-member non- resident fee.