Personal Training at the Bureau County Metro Center

Personal Training at the Bureau County Metro CenterNeed help reaching your personal fitness goals? Would you like to improve your overall workout? Receive individual attention? Learn proper form? Stay motivated? We can help? Whether you are a beginner or want to take your fitness conditioning to a new level, our personal trainers can provide the personalized instruction, guidance and support necessary to help you feel and see results.

How do I get started?

To gewt started wityh apersonal trainer you must first download, and complete our Personal Training Request Form. Once you have returned your complete form to the Metro Center front desk a personal trainer will then contact you to set up your initial appointment. The personal trainer will determine the most effective types of exercises for you, write out your own personal program, and provide hands on training.

When can I register for a Personal Training Session?

After you complete the Personal Program Form, you are now ready to continue your one-on-one training through each and every session.


One-on-one training
1 session $25/$30/$35
3 sessions $60/$70/$75
5 sessions $80/$90/$100

Group Packages
2 or 3 per group/$ per person
1 session $20/$30/40
3 sessions $35/$45/$50
5 sessions $50/$60/$65

Our Trainers

Sandy Efflandt
Barb Monier
Steve Grundman